Krell Headquarters:
Krell Industries, LLC
45 Connair Road
Orange, CT 06477-3650 USA

Tel: 203-799-9954
Fax: 203-799-9796

Sales Contact Information
Tel: 203-298-4010
Fax: 203-891-2028

To Our Valued Customers:

We urge you to use an authorized Krell dealer or distributor when purchasing a Krell product.

Krell products are sold, supported, and serviced through the worldwide network of dealers and distributors listed in the Where to Buy section of this website. If the company selling Krell product is not listed on this website, we encourage you to e-mail Krell using the links on this page to confirm whether or not the company selling the product is part of the authorized Krell network.

Thank you.


Krell Product Sales
Krell stereo and home theater audio products are sold worldwide, through a network of authorized Krell dealers in the United States of America and in Canada, and through authorized Krell distributors in other countries. This authorized Krell network consists of companies with physical storefronts, chosen by Krell Industries, LLC based on the ability to properly represent and sell Krell products and support you, our valued customer. Krell provides a manufacturer's warranty on all Krell products sold by the companies participating in the authorized Krell network.

Unauthorized Sales and Use
Krell Industries, LLC is making every effort to prohibit parties outside of our authorized Krell network from taking advantage of consumers. We have retained Net Enforcers, LLC to police all unauthorized distribution of Krell-branded products on the Internet as well as identify and report on the unauthorized use of intellectual content owned by Krell. Violations may be posted at Enforcement action will be taken against illegitimate vendors.

Current Products Are Not Sold On Line
Krell prohibits the sale of current products online.

Archived Products
Krell does allow the sale of discontinued products, or archived products, online by authorized Krell dealers and distributors and by parties outside of the Krell network of dealers and distributors.

Archived Product Warranty
When an authorized Krell dealer or distributor sells archived Krell products, Krell honors the balance of the original warranty on those products. When parties outside of the network of authorized Krell dealers and distributors sells archived Krell products, Krell will not honor warranties on those products. Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice substantiating that the product is within the warrranty period must be presented to obtain warranty service.

Removal or alteration of the original Krell serial number from a product automatically renders that product warranty null and void.

Voltage Conversion Not Offered to USA or Canadian Dealers
Krell does not offer products in voltages for international markets either to authorized Krell dealer or to other parties located in the United States or Canada.

Contact information
Press the Where To Buy navigation button on this website and view the list of authorized Krell dealers and distributors in our network.


  • To verify that a dealer or distributor not listed on the website
    is Krell-authorized
  • For information on becoming an authorized Krell dealer
  • For written permission to use Krell intellectual content

Contact netviolations:

  • To report a possible net violation
  • To resolve a net violation
  • If you think you have received an e-mail notification regarding
    the use of Krell intellectual content in error

Thank you.