Modulari Duo

Reference Speaker

Striking in appearance and unique in its approach, the Modulari Duo Reference delivers on seemingly mutually exclusive goals - full-range performance with deep bass and startling dynamics realized in a design of modest scale and dimensions. Independent of its size, the Modulari Duo Reference delivers reference caliber performance through its combination of superior materials, amplifier grade crossover circuitry, and exceptional engineering. The Modulari Duo Reference is for those music and movie lovers that demand ultimate performance but also prize aesthetic beauty.


The Modulari Duo Reference combines a Modulari subwoofer tower with the Modulari Primo two-way minispeaker. Because the 260-pound subwoofer tower and the 85-pound Primo are crafted out of solid aluminum slabs ranging from 1/2 inch to 1 inch in thickness, they are free of the sonic resonances that plague enclosures made from wood or MDF.


This ultra-rigid, high-mass construction allows the compact subwoofer cabinet to handle the vibration and pressure generated by its three 8-inch, custom-designed ScanSpeak woofers. Each of these woofers has a maximum excursion of 1 inch, displacing enough air to reproduce bass notes down to 27 Hz. Thus, the Modulari Duo Reference can reproduce every single note on an 88-key grand piano - even the 27.5 Hz low A - flawlessly.


The modular construction isolates the Primo's 1-inch ScanSpeak ring-radiator tweeter and 7-inch ScanSpeak woofer from the intense energy generated within the subwoofer tower. For home theater installations, additional Primos may be purchased separately to use as center and surround speakers.


The Modulari Duo Reference benefits from the same incomparable build quality that has earned previous Krell speakers wide acclaim and "Best of the Year" awards in respected audio magazines. Signal loss in the crossovers is minimized through the use of heavy glass-epoxy circuit boards with 4-ounce copper traces, high-quality WIMA polypropylene capacitors, and air-core pure copper inductors.


The speaker is available in silver aluminum finish or anodized black finish. Any color of the customer's choice can be matched on a custom basis. A customer can even have a Modulari Duo Reference finished to match the color of a car, a piece of furniture, or any other components in the system. A removable grille composed of thin rubber strands completes the Modulari Duo Reference's sophisticated visual aesthetic.


The Modulari Duo Reference is a truly exceptional speaker - and not just for its size, either. It outperforms much larger competitors. In fact, it's the first speaker we feel is capable of conveying the full power and sound quality of Krell electronics.

Modulari Primo

Reference Speaker

The Modulari Primo is a 2-way monitor that is a remarkable performer. The 3/4" all aluminum acoustic suspension enclosure eliminates vibration and minimizes wave reflections. The Modulari Primo conveys an image of breathtaking clarity with dimension that belies the simple nature of its design. The 7" aluminum cone woofer includes a proprietary suspension and extended voice coil for high power handling and extremely linear performance. This driver employs cast magnesium-aluminum frame for open, uncolored sound reproduction. Woofer is positioned forward of the tweeter to align the voice coil assemblies and achieve physical time alignment of the drivers. The 1-inch ring radiator delivers flat frequency response to 64kHz.


The crossover is designed to the standards set for Krell amplifier circuitry. Separate crossover network assemblies are used for each driver. All circuitry is on 1/8-inch thick glass epoxy circuit boards with 4 oz. copper traces, ensuring low microphonics, low resistance, low inductance and high current handling. Extensive impedance correction of each driver is applied before the crossover (3rd Order Butterworth 2100Hz). Network inductors are air-core pure copper designs and individually potted polypropylene WIMA capacitors are used in parallel to minimize inductance and resistance while improving current handling. The Primo impedance curve is extremely smooth with a nominal impedance of 4-ohms and a sensitivity of 89dB (1meter with 1W input).


The Modulari Primo is a world class monitor loudspeaker on its own but realizes its full potential when coupled to its companion woofer and becomes a full Modulari Duo Reference. The Modulari Primo sits elegantly, in its dimpled rest area, atop the Modulari woofer tower. United, two separate drive elements come together to reveal a compact full range loudspeaker of unprecedented performance.