SACD / CD Player

Featuring an advanced disc drive and coupled to the latest Krell digital and analog output circuitry, the Krell Cipher delivers the ultimate performance from today's highest resolution source material. Every performance enhancement is incorporated to retrieve the most accurate signal from SACD and CD music titles. Isolated mechanically from the underlying chassis, the drive mechanism utilizes composite mounts to minimize vibration induced errors. Special sound dampening material is strategically placed inside the unit to minimize mechanical resonances even further. Krell customized disc drive firmware enhances reading accuracy, drive mechanics, and operational parameter. As an ultimate final step, the separate SACD and CD laser heads are individually calibrated by hand for the precise output levels required for reference quality SACD and CD playback.












All signals are fed into a custom designed Krell anti-jitter module that reduces jitter to a virtually immeasurable level. From there, signals are fed to a 24 bit/192 KHz digital filter and then to a pair of balanced 24-bit/192 kHz digital-to analog converters (DACs). Conventional players use one DAC for both channels and convert the current output of the DACs to voltage, a process that invariably causes signal distortion. Instead, the Cipher uses one DAC per channel and feeds the native balanced current output directly to Krell Current Mode circuitry. Removing the typical current-to-voltage stage found in conventional players eliminates distortions associated with this conversion. Balanced DACs maintain a dual differential balanced signal from the output of the DACs to the output connections. This lowers distortion and improves signal to noise ratio to their maximum levels. Core Krell technologies of discrete, complementary, direct coupled circuitry are employed throughout the surface mount based output stage. Evolution CAST and balanced connections are included for optimal stereo playback. A complete Evolution (source, preamp, amplifier) system, connected in CAST, reduces the number of voltage gain stages to the minimum: one. The resulting noise floor approaches the theoretical limit of technology Outputs are also included for Multichannel SACD playback.


The backbone of all audio components is the power supply which is often minimized in lesser players. The Cipher includes independent power supplies for the drive mechanism, digital, and analog sections to maintain signal isolation between these circuit areas. The Cipher's linear power supply is sourced directly from the designs used in Krell Evolution e Series amplifiers. A custom-wound toroidal power transformer, 10 times larger than those found in typical players, provides tremendous current reserves and assures low-noise analog stage operation. Extensive multi-regulation delivers rock-steady power to all gain stages, ensuring maximum dynamic impact that can get muted in players using switching or digital power supplies.

"revealing the finest subtleties of a musical passage, untangling the knottiest complexities, and showering light on the tonal colors of a voice, an instrument, or an ensemble"

Fred Kaplan - Stereophile


Stream Player

The Krell Connect, the ultimate in high-resolution audio streaming technology. From FLAC to WAV, MP3 and WMA, the Connect plays back up to 192kHz/24-bit audio plus Internet radio, all to Krell's highest fidelity standards.

The Wi-Fi equipped Connect is available in two forms: digital only, or with a built-in Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) module. The DAC-equipped Connect has a 32-bit ESS Sabre chipset with discrete, direct-coupled analog circuitry outputting via RCA or balanced audio outputs. The digital-only version has both coax and Toslink optical outputs.


Extensive audio libraries are easy to navigate via the Connect's built-in 3.5-inch QVGA LCD screen. Alternately, a full-featured iOS app offers full control from anywhere in the home.


In addition to playback of FLAC and WAV files up to 192kHz/24-bit, the Connect also streams Ogg, WMA, and MP3. Unlike some music streamers, gapless playback is possible, allowing for no breaks between album tracks. Live concert albums, for example, can be played as a seamless, uninterrupted experience


Internet radio gets the same conversion as the high-resolution files (on DAC-equipped models), providing the best possible sound quality from on line streaming content.

S-350a / S-350av

CD Player & CD / DVD Player

The S-350 CD/DVD Player is a modular design featuring reference caliber CD playback as well as an optional state-of-the-art video engine that provides stunning 1080p performance and video processing controls. The base model, the S-350a establishes a new high standard of performance and value among high-end compact disc players. For home theater systems, the S-350a can be equipped with a sophisticated 1080p video stage resulting in the S-350av.

Incorporating an advanced TEAC slot load disc transport mechanism (compatible with CD-DA, CD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW), premium digital circuitry, Class A analog circuitry, Krell designed anti-jitter master clock, and sophisticated high-linearity power supply, the S-350a delivers performance unequaled by many more expensive players. It is the ideal CD player for the serious music lover.


Matched Burr-Brown DSD 1793 24-bit, 192 kHz digital-to-analog converters for each channel provide fully balanced operation with exceptional reproduction quality. The analog stage features Krell Current Mode, discrete Class A, direct coupled, fully complementary circuitry.


A coaxial and toslink digital input extends the S-350cd's digital to analog conversion circuitry to two additional audio sources. 12VDC trigger input/output ports enable connections for remote power on/off. An RC-5 interface is provided for remote control system integration. A metal hand held remote control is included.


The S-350a complements the S-300i integrated amplifier both in industrial design and sonic performance - a treat for the eyes and a feast for the ears.


Adding Video Output


The open architecture of the S-350a allows for the addition of a sophisticated video circuit stage that creates a new DVD player model: S-350av.


Optimized for the latest solid-state video display technologies including LED, LCD, DLP, and DILA, the S-350av includes a full complement of outputs. Video outputs include HDMI with resolution up to 1080p, Component with a maximum resolution of 1080i, as well as composite and S-Video outputs.


The crucial final stage that delivers the video signal to the display device comprises professional-grade circuitry. It is classic Krell output stage technology applied to the video domain-robust, uncompromising circuitry delivering the most vivid and detailed picture available for the DVD platform.