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Krell Audio System - 2014 Acura RLX - Anh T. Huynh
"Branded sound systems are often gimmicks that allow automakers to charge more for equipment from renowned names in audio. Unfortunately, most of them are fairly disappointing. Take the $6300 Bang & Olufsen upgrade Audi offers, for example.

But the Acura RLX premium sound system by Krell Industries lives up to the expectations of this enthusiast, making it one of the best factory sound systems I've tested. Acura doesn't charge much for the package, either; it's an extra $2500 if you were already leaning toward the technology bundle."

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"The best dynamic range I have ever heard in a car stereo.. Bass notes dropped with a power that hit my entire body, while vocals were pristine and clear, and seemed to put the singer in the car with me"

The New York Times
"The optional Krell audio system is a knockout for spacious sound and tonal clarity...especially when I popped in an audiophile-level CD."

Winding Road
"One of the finest we've ever tested...Really, you need to hear this system."